On Tuesday, Shopify officially announced that it is supporting WordPress and released a plugin to allow you to add Shopify products to WordPress. Is it worth it?

The addition of Shopify is sure a welcome addition in the field of WordPress e-commerce. The market is currently completely dominated by WooThemes’ WooCommerce, which claims to over 30% market share in the e-commerce market. That said, the product still seems to be in the early stages, with at the present only the ability to add buy buttons to store. In other words, this is provides a nice solution for those who are only looking to sell a few products, a don’t want to have the complications that a platform such as WooCommerce provides. Shopify subscriptions also includes a Facebook store and POS, which can make it interesting for small product-bases companies.

Shopify has also teamed up with 3 theme developments companies that have provided themes to go along with the release. In my opinion, particularly Pulse and Simple Theme by Themefy  look very attractive. Did I mention that they are free? They probably provide a good starting point even if you’re not planning on using Shopify.

It must be noted though that at the moment the plugin is not in the WordPress repository – meaning no automatic updates in the case vulnerabilities are discovered. It is wise that if you need a store tomorrow to avoid this solution for now, and wait until it is available in the repository (Update: It is now available on the repository ) .  At Fermin Creative, we’ll take it for a test ride and see what benefits it might provide. Expect a post up in a couple of days where we will take a closer at this solution.

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